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Knowing When it’s Time to Divorce

By January 4, 2024January 21st, 2024Divorce

As we enter a new year, reevaluations of the status of our lives become prominent. People tend to reassess career goals, finances and relationships from the viewpoint of their health and sustainability.

In some instances, that evaluation process might reveal a shattered relationship and the time to face the reality of determining whether
or not continuing with a partnership or marriage is the healthiest of options. No matter what the choice is, the choice is very difficult.

It’s always best to talk with your spouse about the need to reevaluate the relationship and seek professional help if you think that those steps would move the relationship in the direction of restoration. In certain situations, it’s obvious that it’s time to move on.

In that case, please consult with an experienced family law attorney to assist you in determining how you might best wish to handle this difficult stage of your life.

Understanding what rights and responsibilities California family law provides gives clarity on the options to consider in going forward with a divorce, legal separation or other legal measures. In your consultation with a family law attorney, they should provide an overview of your legal options and an estimate for fees.

About Arlene:
Engaged for decades in the Northern California legal community, Arlene D. Kock is a past member of the Alameda County Bar Association (ACBA) Board of Directors. She served on their Attorney Referral Panel for many years and was the past chair of their Ethics and Civility Committee. In her capacity on that committee, Arlene was instrumental in assisting the team in preparing and creating the ACBA statement of professionalism and civility, a policy that is expected to be adhered to today by the court and litigants. She is currently a member of the ACBA and the Contra Costa County Bar Association.

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