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September 5, 2022

How to Avoid Conflict: Back to School… The Right Way (2022)

Divorced parents can avoid conflict by planning ahead for back-to-school and special events, vacations, birthdays and other activities. Such planning is important for parents and children alike because it creates…
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August 3, 2022

Starting a Divorce in 2022

Litigants who wish to terminate a marriage in California must serve paperwork, called a petition and summons, on their spouse. The paperwork must be filed with the court before it…
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July 6, 2022

Toxic Fighting in Front of the Kids: The Consequences

In 42 years of practicing law, I’ve encountered many examples of toxic conflict between parents and have witnessed the negative impact that it has on their children. Toxic fighting consists…
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CustodyFamily Law
June 2, 2022

Summer Visitation Do’s & Don’ts

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, parents are faced with planning visitation and timeshare that is appropriate for their children’s summer break. Here are three DO’S and…
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CustodyFamily Law
May 3, 2022

Child Custody & Court Conduct

For those who decide to take their child custody issues to court, there are a number of formalities and local court rules that must be followed throughout the proceedings. In…
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CustodyFamily Law
April 17, 2022

Opinion: Even at its best, co-parenting is the worst

This article was first published in the Washington Post. Tracy Moore is a writer in Los Angeles. When my daughter entered sixth grade, my sister gifted them an Apple Watch.…
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COVID-19Family Law
April 5, 2022

Family Law Courts & the New COVID Universe

The world as we knew it changed in March 2020. During that time in history, everything shut down, including the courts. COVID was raging, and there were no protections from…
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CustodyFamily Law
March 2, 2022

Duty to Disclose

As a married person or a registered domestic partner, you’re entitled to a high standard of care in sharing information pertaining to your property and finances. In California, this responsibility…
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