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Testimonials from Clients & Peers

Arlene was my savoir. I met her at a time when I just lost my husband of 20 years and I was left to take care of our 3 young kids by myself and deal with their emotional distress as well as my own. Being a stay at home mom for 10 years had certainly put me on hold for my career goals and left me in state of confusion about finding my place in the workforce where I would feel needed and satisfy again. Arlene and her professional staff became like a family to me, looking after me and my kids well being and protecting our legal rights to fight for the life we deserve. Arlene has always been responsive to any concerns I have had and she had been addressing my issues not only as a legal attorney but as well as empathetic human being. I am thankful for having Arlene and her staff guide me through my painful divorce and help me make the best choices for the future of my kids and my own life. I would highly recommend Arlene to anyone going through divorce and family custody. Having the feeling of trust in moments when you feel completely lost and vulnerable is priceless. We all can value the help given to us when mostly needed.

— Michaela L.

Arlene and her team did a fantastic job of helping me finalize my divorce. I had worked with other attorneys who created a mess, but Arlene's team was able to straighten it out and move everything forward.

— Thom H.

Life including dissolution sometimes happens. We find ourselves in need of legal counsel in order to move forward in matters of family law and common sense, equitable solutions. Dissolutions are filled with angst, uncertainty, uncomfortable situations with changes that always have a direct, lasting impact on families. Researching family attorneys is typically not an enjoyable process. We speak with friends, perform online comparisons, read comments and hopefully identify an attorney that fits our needs. My introduction to Arlene Kock was through a friend who had worked with Arlene on his own dissolution and was completely satisfied with Arlene’s family law legal practice, her knowledge, integrity and honesty. A consultation with Arlene followed, she was friendly, open and articulate while determining if our client attorney collaboration would be an effective match. My needs while few were complicated. Those needs were based on my core tenets of integrity, fairness and honesty in splitting marital assets, common retirements and equity while doing the least amount of dissolution damage possible. Arlene matched my needs perfectly. She described the dissolution process, California family law, communication paths, the role of her legal staff and realistic likely timelines. Arlene’s legal staff weaves all of the multiple details, clients needs and various schedules into a seamless practical tapestry of exceptional legal skills and personable, caring thoughtfulness tuned to each client. Maria was my primary contact. To me her demonstrated skills, knowledge and abilities are at the Superstar level. Her efforts and kind, patient words helped enormously. Arlene Kock will always be in my heart. I appreciate and respect all that she is and has been. She made a terribly difficult process understandable and survivable. I would readily work with her again.

— Loe

I originally worked with Arlene in 2012 and came back on several occasions to asks questions. the case I was going to purpose in the first place was a divorce but after my initial interaction with Arlene, it actually became more of mediation and the need for divorce was mitigated. When you call a divorce attorney you never expect marriage counseling but to a degree that's what happened. Arlene informed me about the ins and outs of what divorce entails and offered some personal advice which I took and am still married as the result. I did use her from time to time in her capacity as a family lawyer afterwards but as I said this was more of a consultation - quick phone call or email here and there where she explained the law to me and offered advice. Very nice and professional - I'm most pleased about the fact that she took the stress part out of a very stressful situation for which I'm grateful.

— K Andrew

I have worked with many attorneys over the years. I know good and I know mediocre. I have had the great good fortune to work with her on some matters and am impressed with how knowledgeable, efficient and effective she is. She is a 10 out of 10 in my view. I have referred clients to her and the feedback has always been top rate. I have been thanked for making a referral to her after the client met with her. You are in great hands here!

— Elizabeth JohnsonAttorney

I consulted Arlene about a very difficult move-away case with important implications. Her advice was thorough and succinct and paid enormous dividend. I very highly recommend her professional services to anyone facing family law issues.

— Ryan D.

Hired Arlene to fight to maintain my joint legal custody. Even when the Family court Services recommending counselor suggested I have my legal custody stripped and visitation slashed to a couple hours a month, Arlene didn't panic and reassured me that a Judge has the final say in these matters. She rocked against a younger attorney and maintained my joint legal custody, got the ex's therapist booted by the judge and got me on a path to get back to the time share we once had. The judge even mentioned that the mom was the cause of the problems and said I get to jointly pick the next therapist asap. Her paralegal, Denise, is a wealth or support & is very helpful in the details of your case.

— Anonymous

My husband and I have struggled these last two years with problems with his daughters mother. Arlene has always been there to offer words of advice and comfort even before retaining her. She makes me and my husband feel like he has a chance to help his daughter, and save her before serious and irreversible damage is done.

— Shana

Scared to death of going to court. After hiring Arlene and fighting back, I got the results I wanted. Absolutely loyal and the best.

— Anonymous

If you ever need an excellent, tough and compassionate attorney to represent you on divorce or custody matters, I can enthusiastically recommend Arlene. She is the best! Since posting these brief comments, I have made several referrals to Arlene's offices. Each and every one has come back to thank me and many after using other attorneys and having problems. Very few attorneys are as experienced as is Arlene, know all the ropes and really care about the best outcome for each and every client. Additionally, she keeps her costs as reasonable as possible. You will not find a better advocate at a more reasonable cost or at any cost. I recommend her really enthusiastically and would use her again any time I needed advice or representation.

— Amper S

All the while Arlene and I worked together on my case she left me with a sense of caring and security. Many issues were fought over with my spouse and I really thought I would never get what I did in dividing things the other attorney said only belonged to his client.We did have to go to a number of hearings and actually had a trial on the division of our house and timeshare but the outcome by the court was in my favor and I can only thank Arlene for her hard work in convincing the judge I had a right to any interest in the house.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU,. My future is safe because of her.

— Anonymous

One of the most accomplished attorneys I've worked with in my nasty child custody case. I had two other attorneys before her that just didn't get it or help me understand what should be done to best run my case. She knew the court, the judges and knew how to master the management of the legal process. I have my kids now thanks to her.

— Bill M

I have been Arlene's client for the last 5 years. All I can say is she is the best attorney I have ever used on my messy case. I read and laugh at the whining negative comments left by people who are most likely someone Arlene beat up badly in court! She is always dependable, hard working, a model attorney always trying to follow the concept of working together on a case with the other side first and foremost rather than fight for fighting sake. Because of her talents, my Kids are happy with my custody plan and I do not think I will have to go back to court again for a long time because Arlene got a great settlement we all can all live with. If you want to hire the best she is it!!!!

— Anonymous

Some years ago, Arlene was referred to me by my best friend that had her help with a tough divorce. I interviewed an number of attorneys before selecting her and her office. My case was particularly complicated and gained some notice in the news. While under fire from my ex and the other attorney, Arlene was always calm and confident. This attitude was noticed by my trial judge and it was obvious the judge really respected her manner and method of litigating my case. I rated her slightly lower on her tenacity only because I see blind tenacity as a negative. If you wish to fight for fighting sake, hire another lawyer happy to freely spend your money. Arlene always tried to find solutions and worked with my ex and the other attorney as best she could and once we had to go to trial that paid off in spades when I got attorney fees from the other side! An exceptional and compassionate attorney.

— Anonymous

I have worked professionally with Ms. Kock for many years. I find her to be honest, professional, and diligent in settling her cases.

— Kathleen Reeves

Ms Kock is the BEST! Plain and simple. Her staff was awesome ensuring I was in the loop at all times since I was an out of state Father and the work of the etam was of great quaility. More important Ms. Kock is a caring person and satyed with me the entire time of teh ordeal. She made sure my son had all the right tools and always showed me what would be right for my son. He came first and I trusted her with my son. That is the best thing I could say. She is my family now and at times when I need advice she has never left my side nor has her team. She is just a wonderful person and an honest person. One other thing that came to mind even when she was on vacation she knew I was worried about some things and she made a call to me on my cell. How many attorneys' do that? Not many. She is the BEST!

— Anonymous

Arlene Kock is highly professional and an expert in the field of family law and dealing with complex challenges. More importantly she cares about her clients and the children involved. She is an expert problem solver and does not beat around the bush to get things done. She gets things-tasks completed but always shows a human element and attention to detail. She is also a good listener and will work with her clients. Her staff is experienced and understands when you call it is important and treats you as important as all the clients that Ms. Kock represents. I have known Ms. Kock for close to seven years and she is excellent! I consider her to be more than my attorney!

— John D.

So relieved to have Arlene Kock guiding me legally. Her experience and knowledge of very complex family law matters has been the saving grace of a terrible situation. Her almost encyclopedic grasp of the finer points of custody and visitation is amazing and such an advantage in negotiations. Arlene's professional demeanor makes opposing counsel look like thugs, yet she's tenacious and tough and obviously well respected in the courts. You'll be grateful she's on your side; I know I am. Thanks Arlene- you are my rock!

— Stafford S.

I contacted Arlene with the details of my Case via her site late at night and she responded in person by phone 7:30am the following day. I was in a meeting (as I'm in a different time zone) and said I could not talk and she requested to leave a message. In a 90 second message she gave me hope that my case was fightable. I can tell she would be a great person to have on my side. I agree with other reviewers that she strikes the right balance between tough and approachable. I have spoken to probably 20 different attorneys in different countries on my case in the past 4 years and I've seen different approaches. Arlene's is one I would happily gravitate towards. As it stands I am unable to afford counsel in my case at present, but knowing this Arlene still offered her time and all of her considerable skill and knowledge to guide me in a short meeting the next day. (Sadly many other California attorneys will not talk to you untill their asistent gets your credit card details). I'm so grateful because it will surely give me a fighting chance. I have become proactive again instead of giving in to the crushing wall of opposition from the Court, the DA, and opposing counsel. As the last reviewer said Arlene you are my rock, and thanks to you I am David.

— Carl S.

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