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California Child Custody: a Parent with Physical Disabilities

By April 4, 2023Child Custody

In California, the court’s primary concern when determining child custody is the child’s best interests. This means that the court will consider all relevant factors, including the parents’ ability to care for and provide for the child.

If a parent has a physical disability, the court will consider the nature and extent of the disability, as well as the parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs despite the disability. The court may also consider any accommodations that may be necessary to help the parent care for the child.

It’s important to note that having a physical disability does not automatically disqualify a parent from being awarded custody. The court will look at the overall circumstances of the case and make a decision based on what is in the child’s best interests.

If a parent with a physical disability is seeking custody, they may want to provide evidence to the court that they are able to care for the child, such as medical reports or testimony from a doctor. The parent may also want to discuss any accommodations they may need to help them care for the child.

Ultimately, the court will make a decision based on the individual circumstances of the case, with the goal of ensuring that the child’s best interests are met

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