Recent 2013 Family Law Legislation Signed by Governor Brown

AB 157 (Ch 260 Campos) Protective orders: credibly impersonating and falsely personating. Currently, Fam C §6320 permits T/CT to issue ex parte order precluding litigant from engaging in specified acts against another litigant. Effective 7/1/14 (sunset date of current Fam C §6320), this bill provides a new version of Fam C §6320 that adds to […]

Same Sex Marriage

New Mexico reacts to the US Supreme Court decision by taking a second look at their state constitution. In the aftermath of the US Supreme Court decision concerning gay marriage, many state courts and legislative bodies are re evaluating their existing legal codes and marriage statutes. New Mexico, a state known for its respect for […]

Should a Child Have 3 or More Parents?

California’s Legislature Decides According to KQED News Fix: “A bill in the California Legislature would allow one child to have more than two parents.” The rationale behind the bill: to help address expanding definitions of family and parenthood brought on by same-sex marriage and advances in reproductive technologies. The bill, authored by state Sen. Mark […]