Four Principles Leading to a Successful Divorce

Years of experience in the field of family law have helped me understand the key essentials of what a client needs to know when embarking upon their divorce journey. I hope you find the principles I’ve listed below of assistance as you take the next steps to change your life. 1. Perspective: This too shall […]

Five Divorce Myths

In answering questions for many clients considering divorce, I found there are a number of myths that need to be dispelled about the divorce process and the justifications for seeking a divorce. This article is an attempt to address some key divorce myths I regularly encounter: 1. It matters if they cheated. In California, infidelity […]

New Article: 5 Things You Need to Know About Child Visitation

Developing parenting plans, also know as child visitation orders, is an art and a science. You must create an order that is tailored to the complexities of your life as well as be technically enforceable by a judge. Read the full article at Child Custody in California.

Cohabitation with Another Person and Its Impact on Spousal Support

The supported party’s cohabitation with a person of the opposite sex gives rise to a rebuttable presumption affecting the burden of proof of decreased need for spousal support. FC § 4323(a)(1). It has no impact on child support obligations, however. FC § 4323 states: (a)(1) Except as otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing, […]

Recent 2013 Family Law Legislation Signed by Governor Brown

AB 157 (Ch 260 Campos) Protective orders: credibly impersonating and falsely personating. Currently, Fam C §6320 permits T/CT to issue ex parte order precluding litigant from engaging in specified acts against another litigant. Effective 7/1/14 (sunset date of current Fam C §6320), this bill provides a new version of Fam C §6320 that adds to […]

Same Sex Marriage

New Mexico reacts to the US Supreme Court decision by taking a second look at their state constitution. In the aftermath of the US Supreme Court decision concerning gay marriage, many state courts and legislative bodies are re evaluating their existing legal codes and marriage statutes. New Mexico, a state known for its respect for […]

Abusive Spouses May Lose Their Right to Receive Spousal Support

Family Code section 4325 permits a judge to deny a spousal support award to an abusive spouse. A recent appellate court case addressing the issue determined that this rule also apples to an abusive spouse who pleads no contest in a criminal case. The case in question In re Marriage of Priem [full text] (3/13/13) […]

Grey Divorce: the New Age of Senior Divorce

With a healthier aging population, older husbands and wives are reevaluating the benefits of remaining in unfulfilling long term relationships. With longer, active lives ,seniors are taking stock of the reality that they may have many more productive years ahead of them justifying the remake of their lives as single or pairing in a new […]

California SB 1476: Can a child have more than two legally recognized parents?

In February 2012, State Sen. Mark Leno (D San Francisco) introduced SB 1476, a bill that would have permitted family court judges to recognize more than two legal parents in order to serve the best interests of the child. The bill was a reaction to a recent decision holding that a child cannot have more […]

A Brief Overview of Same-Sex Marriage in California

The state of California is among many in the United States working to provide legal rights for same-sex couples who wish to marry. In May of 2008, the California Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the right to marry, which took effect in June of that same year; in November of 2008, however, Proposition 8 passed […]